Shelley Owen

Woman Undone

A performance, video and sound installation with and by Shelley Owen.

Shelley is an artist. A woman. At times, an unruly woman. A woman in the arts. Questioning what it means to be a woman. A woman in the arts.

This personal work explores the artist's sense of identity, place, vulnerability and achievment. Enbracing uncertainty, she will repeatedly question, unravel and reconstruct for three hours. Potentially with no conclusions found.

Materials: purple wool, cold water, plastic bottle, net

Produced by Islington Mill Public Access Television (



Duet that explores the places we've been, the conversations we have and the vulnerability we feel. Constant choices about who and what we present, in what moment. A journey of two people who share meetings, smiles and a desire to just be.

Co-created and performed by Shelley Owen and Josh Slater.

Supported by Arts Council England.



Group instant composition work incorporating dance and sound, exploring the concept of organised social activity and interaction between people in a series of short conversations.

Hare Hill Project: Resolution

Investigation of rural space, culminating in the presentation of new dance work Resolution within the tranquil gardens of Hare Hill, Cheshire East.

Incorporating live music this project is Shelley's direct reaction to the site's beautiful scenery and unique heritage. Offering an immersive experience to visitors of the National Trust, audiences take a journey through woodland grounds, leading to the serene walled garden.


Are We Dancing?

Questioning what dance actually means to Shelley, during this task-based work groups of four dancers must travel from points 'A' to 'B' without Dancer 1 touching the floor. Exploring the chosen enviroment dancers interact to complete the task efficiently. The question is... Are We Dancing?


Varsity Line

Film and photography installation inspired by and set at a disused railway station in a rural Buckinghamshire village. Drawing upon the landscape and its lots history, Shelley has worked closely with local history enthusiast to uncover stories from the station's past.


Aquinas Dance Company

Devised through weekly workshops, The Rehearsal is a work exploring task-based improvisation and the relationship between dancers during performance. Presented at Buxton Festival Fringe as part of a Contemporary Dance Triple Bill. Review


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